Help for volunteers planning trip

Volunteering is amazingly fun. At the same time, it could be very daunting. Many people who go on their first volunteer trip may never have left their home country. Some people may never have left their home town. And volunteering abroad is not the same thing as going to another city or state in the same country. There are many questions that volunteers will have, especially the first-timers. Volunteers want to know climate, costs, how to do do fundraising, how to apply for a visa, what to expect and the list continues. This article gives you an intro. We have a volunteer package that we will give to volunteers who have confirmed their trip that will provide additional help. This article provides a lot of helpful information for starters. Full Article>>>

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Why should you go on mission trip?

1. It will likely transform your life and change your perception of the world. It could help you see the big picture. You could begin to see things like God sees them.  God sees the big picture, the entire world. We often are limited to our own communities and may tend to think that our little world is all that God has to care about.

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Short Term Volunteer Application Process

At this time, we are not accepting applications for volunteers. However, we want to help you find a place to volunteer overseas.

Here are the steps in the application process for our short-term volunteers.

1. Pay the required $35 Application Fee

2. Complete the Application Packet:

3. We review your application and check dates and availability.

4. We contact you within 5 business days of application packet submission.

5. You pay the registration fee to confirm your volunteer trip

6. We reserve the spot for you.

7. We will begin helping you make preparations to visit Cameroon.

  • Background Check Form
  • Parental Consent (if under 18 years of age)
  • Photo/Video/Audio Release Form
  • Review Cancellation/Refund Policy
  • Payment Schedule
  • Tentative Activities Schedule while overseas
  • Airplane tickets
  • Packing suggestions
  • Etc.
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