About Us

Our Mission: To provide personalized, comprehensive, and high-quality volunteer advice and opportunities that are enhanced by education, research, advocacy, and strong partnerships with partners in local and international communities around the world.

Our Vision: We see volunteers being sent out around the U.S. and the world to act as impactful change-makers. We see people who are educated, aware, inspired, and motivated to go and serve others with excellence. We see volunteers equipping themselves through training and education in order to prevent unintentional harm and advocate for loving, helpful serve to others. We see communities being touched by culturally-sensitive volunteers who come to experience and learn from their brothers and sisters around the world.

Why We Do What We Do:

Change Volunteers was created to give volunteers high quality, life changing, safe, flexible, and fun volunteer experiences at very affordable costs.

At the core of our DNA at Change Volunteers is the belief that a group of volunteers can change the world. When one volunteer mentors an orphan, another helps drill water for an impoverished community, yet another helps teach underprivileged children in a local school, while another helps a community to grow crops that will enable them to become self reliant, they are changing the world — one project and volunteer at a time.

Volunteers provide aid and assistance to communities, increase education, and heighten awareness. We love volunteering because it is a powerful tool that is able to transform both the volunteer who gives the help and the poor who receive it! We hope volunteers take tremendous skills and expertise to their host communities and institutions and in return, they bring back memories, experiences and lessons that transform their own lives and communities. If you ask anyone who has volunteered in the past, most will say that they have gotten out of the experience more than they were able to give to the communities they volunteered in. That is the power of volunteering! It changes everyone. And that is why we are in the business of helping volunteers; that’s why we are called Change Volunteers!


So, What Do We Do?

Change Volunteers is a blog that is dedicated to teaching, sharing, inspiring, and advocating for volunteer and mission trips. As you interact with our blog you will find posts that teach best practices and important volunteering tips or ideas; we will introduce you to organizations that can help organize a volunteer trip for you, whether locally or overseas; and you will discover answers to commonly asked questions or concerns volunteers typically have as they consider, or planning, a trip. Change Volunteers is a platform for those who are experienced with volunteer trips to connect with those who are only beginning.