Volunteer training – #3

Volunteer training: Should volunteers get training to serve in Africa

Read the following article thoroughly and watch the associated videos or read any linked articles.

Then write a 300-350 response using SOS (study, obey, share) format. What have you learned from the article? What are you obeying or applying to yourself? What are you going to share or have shared with others?

Why is volunteer training importantCOMMENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST ITSELF.

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Spiritual Assessment – #11

Self-Assessment Survey: God has given each of us spiritual gifts and talents. This week, take some time and pray and take this spiritual gifts test. This test is not full-proof but it has the potential to guide us into seeking and discovering our spiritual gifts. After reading and praying, write a paper of about 500 words with the title “I believe God has wired me serve him in the following ways”. Then talk about your spiritual gifts. Paper is due in 7 days from from Sunday.

Prayer is the most important thing a Christian can do. For this week’s assignment, read posts 1 to 5 on this page: How to pray
Video: How to have great faith.

Forum 3

In 200 to 250 words, describe any steps that you have taken so far to improve your prayer life. How are they working for you? Any struggles, strengths?

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