Why should you go on mission trip?

1. It will likely transform your life and change your perception of the world. It could help you see the big picture. You could begin to see things like God sees them.  God sees the big picture, the entire world. We often are limited to our own communities and may tend to think that our little world is all that God has to care about.

2. You may lead someone to Christ. That will depend on the type of mission trip you choose. If you are not comfortable with actively sharing Christ, you can show people who Christ is by what you do to help others in need—your sacrifice is a picture of Christ that cannot be deleted from their minds.

3. Change of Priorities. Many people who come back from mission trips are really touched by God to the point where they really begin to see the suffering of those in need through the eyes of Christ like they’ve never seen before. Many become more involved in serving through their local churches and support their local missions both locally and abroad.

4. Change of habits: Many people who go on mission trips see real suffering. They see how many people in those circumstances still have hope. When they return, they stop complaining about how hard life is for them and become more thankful, appreciative of what they have, hardworking at school and more hopeful of the future. Some young people have been motivated to turn from careless living, from school dropouts to return to college and become successful individuals who are compassionate and very productive. They say you don’t know what you’ve got till you lose it. That’s true and these volunteers learn a lot about what they’ve got by losing it for a few weeks.  During this time, they live with people who have no hope of ever having what they have and take for granted. They learn from these people to be content with whatever one has.

5. More Dedication to Service Overseas: Some people have gone on mission trips and realized their call to serve overseas to promulgate God’s work.

6. Helping to find God’s purpose for life: Some people who go on a mission trip discover their purpose for life during that short time. For others, something that happens during that time adds to others to help them find God’s purpose for their lives. Some have become medical doctors so that they can volunteer once a year to go and care for needy people. Others have become pharmacists or pharmacologists to design drugs and vaccines to help stop diseases. Others have been inspired to do other things that benefit humanity both in their native countries and abroad.