Long Term Volunteer Opportunities in Africa

We highly Recommend Training Before You Go

We are no longer offering long-term volunteer opportunities (i.e. greater than 8 weeks). We have seen a lot of long-term volunteers who go overseas through many different organizations doing things that harm the locals and themselves. Because of that, we have decided to focus on encouraging people who want to go serve long term to take training that will help them reassess themselves and their role and discern God’s will better.

We strongly encourage you to take the training in Short-Term Missions offered by Austin Bible College. It is called certificate in short-term missions

You can take it online from your home. It will transform your life and help give you a better perspective on how to view your calling to serve abroad.

Do it before you go on your next long-term mission trip! You will be glad you did. You owe it to God and to yourself to take this short training to prepare yourself. It is offered several times per year and you can take it anytime it is offered.


We also recommend taking a short-term trip with us to have the opportunity to experience other cultures, connect with believers there and help without hurting them or yourself.