GoFundMeOur mission at Change Volunteers is to provide the most affordable life changing volunteer experiences possible. Even though we make every effort to keep our prices low, we realize that the total cost for volunteering is still very high.

The good news about it is that we honestly don’t advise our volunteers to pay their program fees out of their pocket. Obviously they can if they want. An interesting part of volunteering is to fundraise and allow others who cannot go at that time to share in sending you to go. We personally think fundraising levels the plain a little bit. Volunteering should not be a thing that only the rich get to do. It’s fun even when you have the money to make a donation to help orphans with it or something you care about and then get others close to you involved in sending you. Honestly, if you see it right, fundraising blesses the people who give more than the people who actually receive it. We think old statement that it is more blessed to give than to receive is actually true. So next time you fundraise for a good cause, see it as it truly is, a privilege you are offering to the people you request donations from. It’s like you are telling them to buy the best stocks in the stock market. Stocks that will yield joy and a sense of fulfillment every time without fail!

Now, if you have the funds and decide not to fundraise, we are not going to know about it. And we truly respect your decision. Consider the above only as an opinion that encourages you to fundraise and find it fun and not as a requirement.

To make fundraising easier for you, Change Volunteers has developed a partnership with GoFundMe, a fundraising company and crowd-funding website which gives Change Volunteers’ access to their professional fundraising services. On GoFundMe, you can create a fundraising page that will allow you to tell your story, let your family, friends and acquaintances know about your desire to volunteer with Change Volunteers and why they need to donate to you. It will also allow you to set financial goals, allow you to use social media platforms to tell your friends and family of your fundraising efforts, provide financial tools for you to receive payments, tracks your progress and much more. The system is very effective.

For more about GoFund Me, click here to take the tour.
or to go to their signup page, click here

If you choose not to use GoFundMe, that’s fine. When you confirm your trip, we will give you our information package and more information about how to fundraise for the trip. Remember to ask your staff volunteer travel consultant to give you a verification letter that you can use to help legitimize your fundraising efforts and can help when approaching individuals or companies that do not know you.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any fundraising questions.