Why Choose Change Volunteers

Ten Reasons for Choosing CV

Affordability:  We work on keeping our volunteer costs very affordable.

Experience and Knowledge of local communities: We have spent many years in the communities we work in. We even founded some of the orphanages where volunteers go to serve.

Passion: We value passion in our staff, partners and volunteers. When volunteers work with us, that passion shows in a positive way.

Flexibility: We value flexible productive working environments and relationships. Our flexibility means many volunteers have a great experience.

Training: We provide training for every volunteer. That increases the quality of the experience for the volunteer and the impact on the community.

Support: We provide great support while on the field.

Safety:  We work in very safe countries and communities.

Friendship: We value friendly working environments and believe that you will make many friends when you volunteer.

Relationships with local institutions: After volunteering, you will have the opportunity to continue a relationship with the local projects and continue to find ways to support them.

Life Change: The goal of our volunteer program is life change or transformation for the volunteers and the communities being helped. Our training and discipleship program and our work environments are geared towards making transformation happen as the Holy Spirit guides.

Are we Legitimate?

Change Volunteers is the volunteer website of the Shaping Destiny Movement. Since 2005, Shaping Destiny has served thousands of orphans in Cameroon. Here are some ways you can check to ensure that we are legitimate.

1) Check with the Texas government. Click the following link and type the name “Shaping Destiny” into the name area to search the Texas State government website to confirm that we are incorporated with the state and in good standing: Click here to go to state website Note, you will see a link on Shaping Destiny’s website coming to Change Volunteers to show that Change Volunteers is a division of Shaping Destiny.  Shaping Destiny’s website is http://www.shapingdestiny.org

2) Call the Secretary of State. You can call the Secretary of State of Texas at 512-463-5555 and give them the name “Shaping Destiny”. They will check and tell you we are incorporated and in good standing.

3) Check the IRS. We are tax-exempt and file-taxes with the IRS yearly. You can check that by going to: http://www.irs.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits/Exempt-Organizations-Select-Check . Our corporations ID (also called EIN) is 02-0746497

4) Check the ECFA. We are a member of the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability)

5) We are idealist certified. Look for their logo on our website.

6) Take a look at what others are saying about Shaping Destiny. Videos | Written Testimonies

Come visit us. We have our headquarters in Austin, Texas. See our address above. Our offices are in the red building pictured above.

What others say.

Listen to what others are saying about Shaping Destiny. Note: Change Volunteers is the volunteer site of the Shaping Destiny movement.

For more videos please visit Channel Here: Shaping Destiny