Job Opportunity

Amazing Job Opportunity to Change Lives

*We no longer need someone for this position right now.

The Shaping Destiny Movement, a movement of Christians from all over the world that is dedicated to serving the poor (especially orphans) and sharing Christ is seeking a dynamic individual to join their Austin team.

What? : An opportunity to serve Christ and do work that impacts the lives of orphans in Africa.

How long?: This opportunity is for one or two years. This individual will work in Austin Texas for one year, helping do work that makes orphan care on the field possible and then do the last year in Cameroon, Africa, serving as an assistant orphanage manager. The option to do the entire two years in Austin is available. The option to do the entire two years in Cameroon is not available.

Where? : Austin Texas for the first year and Cameroon, Africa for the second year.

When? : We need this individual immediately. Are willing to wait a few weeks if the person needs to round up on some other work.

Duties ?: The duties will vary. They will include responding to emails, answering phone calls, writing articles for website, serving as a teaching assistant to faculty at our Bible College, and other duties of an executive assistant.

Education?: A bachelor’s degree or higher  is preferred. An associate degree is acceptable. We need someone who feels called to serve God, who is committed, of good christian character, and who is coachable. We also need a candidate who is very organized.

Pay: $8/hour. This individual dedicates their time to serving Christ. This is an opportunity to live radically for Christ like the apostles did.