Mission Trips to Africa

Mission Trips to AfricaOur  Mission Trips to Africa are an excellent way for a Christian to make an impact for God’s kingdom. We provide mission trips for:

1) Churches, missions, ministries,
2) Individuals and Christian groups
We offer mission trips that are affordable, safe, fun, and transformational.

Why Our Missions Trips to Africa ?
Short-Term Mission Trips to Africa
Long-Term Mission Trips to Africa
What can volunteers do on these mission trips?

Why Our Missions Trips to Africa ?

Many churches, missions, and ministries send tens of thousands of people every year on short mission trips to Africa or other places abroad. Very few of these great organizations have the resources to train the volunteers, establish partners in foreign countries and do the in-depth coordination and guidance that is necessary to ensure safe and effective international mission trips. Change Volunteer’s  Mission trips to Africa program partners with these individuals and ministries to help them achieve their goals better, safer, easier, and in a much more affordable way.

As such, our goal is to provide affordable and life changing, safe, flexible, and fun mission trips for Christians of any denomination.

CV’s Mission Trips serve as a liaison between host country partners who need help to further the work they are doing for God and Churches or Christians who want to help out through a mission trip.

We provide mission trips anywhere from 2 months up to several years. We work with individuals as well as groups of up to 50 people.

Right now, we have mission trip opportunities in Cameroon, Africa. We will soon be providing opportunities to other countries.

Our goal is to help Christians do mission trips well. When you succeed on the mission field, whether for two months or one year, we count that as a shared success. And we want to help be a part of that success.

Short-Term Mission Trips to Africa

We offer many short-term mission trips to Africa (to Cameroon). Our short-term mission trips are from two months to one year. We don’t offer any mission trips that are less than two months. Christians on short-term mission trips can do a variety of things like caring for orphans, teaching, farming, doing evangelism with local churches and more. People going on our short-term mission trips to Africa must take our missionary training course to prepare them for effective service. We have found that Christians going to serve in Africa without training end up doing simple tasks that local African Christians can do better at a much lower cost and sometimes may cause unintentional harm. So we can only accept volunteers who train with us.

Long-Term Mission Trips to Africa

We also offer  long-term Christian mission trips to Africa. Individuals desiring to go on long-term missions trips to Africa are treated as full-fledged missionaries and will need to get Advanced Missionary Training through our Missionary Training College. This missionary training equips them to be very successful on the mission field. Long term mission trips are from one to three years.

What can volunteers do on these mission trips to Africa?

Volunteers can apply to anyone of the many opportunities we offer. Click here to view the volunteer opportunities in Africa.