10 Reasons “WHY VOLUNTEER?”


1. Give a boost to your resume, increasing visibility

Any kind of volunteering gives you the edge. It increases the chances of your resume being shortlisted over the others. It displays your characteristic of being empathetic and that you are willing to step outside your comfort zone to make a difference to the lives of others. Employers recognize the demonstration of soft skills and cultural understanding that you gain through volunteering.

2. Explore career possibilities

Volunteering helps you to tap into your own potential. It gives you the opportunity to make the most of your free time and think about where your real interest lies. By volunteering you can choose what you would like to do in the future therefore saving your time from choosing the wrong path.

3. Acquire admissions and scholarships

It is a well-known fact that colleges and universities today are constantly encouraging candidates to broaden the horizons to a diverse experience. Universities deem volunteering as a time well spent, being ‘productive’ and being a responsible citizen. Scholarships are also based on the involvement of serving the community.

4. Earn academic credit

Spending time in volunteering you will also increase your chances of getting academic credit in your dream college/university. As a volunteer, you may not give off a better impression however you also learn valuable lessons outside the classroom which universities today are laying their focus on.

5. Build a successful personality

You will immediately notice a more confident you, a more sensible you when you volunteer. You will have the conviction to balance your work life and personal life and still know what you want out of your life.

6. Prevent a burnout

Volunteering also gives a fair idea to employers or universities that taking time out to volunteer, will prove to be a good break help you to re-assess priorities in life. Volunteering is, therefore, beneficial for professionals and students equally seeking a break from their careers.

7. Cross-culture connection

Volunteering locally will limit spending time allowing you to only set it into a routine whereas choosing to volunteer abroad will provide a global exposure.

8. Form a life-long bond of friendship

Another advantage of volunteering is the professional and personal contacts that you will make along the way. You will be able to make long-lasting friendships. You will meet people from different cultural backgrounds and get to know more people with similar interests. You will have fun interacting with so many people from all walks of life.

9. Learn from a new environment

A new working environment is a challenge and a welcome change. This may not be possible in the comforts of home and local surroundings. By volunteering in variable circumstances it will not only improve your adaptability skills along with enhancing your skills of communication but your entire approach to different conditions. You will also gain valuable work experience which will help you when you enter a corporate structure.

10. It is Right and satisfying

Volunteering is one of the many ways to attain contentment and inner peace in this fast-paced world. It is perhaps the best way to give back to the society. It not only allows you to travel and discover,  it gives a sense of pride in what you do in your little way thus making a huge difference to the world.